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Possibility to pass the TCF TP (Test de Connaissance du Français Tout Public) and the TCF ANF (Test de Connaissance du Français pour l’Accès à la Nationalité Française) at the Institute.

The TCF TP is delivered by the CIEP, public establishment of the French Department of the National Education, already in charge of the DELF and the DALF, the only official diplomas of French as a foreign language. With the result, you will be given a certificate.

Next sessions TCF TP:

Exam date: 08/03/19 – (Last day to enrol: 07/02/19 at 17h30)

Exam date: 10/05/19 – (Last day to enrol: 11/04/19 at 17h30)

Exam date: 28/06/19 – (Last day to enrol: 31/05/19 at 17h30)

Price : 100 € compulsory part or 170 € for both parts.

- Download TCF TP form inscription

Next sessions TCF ANF:

The TCF ANF is a justification of your level in French in order to get French nationality.

Exam date: 15/03/19 – (Last day to enrol: 14/02/19 at 17h30)

Exam date: 12/04/19 – (Last day to enrol: 14/03/19 at 17h30)

Exam date: 24/05/19 – (Last day to enrol: 25/04/19 at 17h30)

Exam date: 21/06/19 – (Last day to enrol: 23/05/19 at 17h30)

Price : 120 € compulsory part.

- Download TCF ANF form inscription