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Do you have to prove your level of French as part of applying for French nationality? As part of obtaining a long-term resident card? Or do you need to assess and validate your French language skills for personal, academic or professional reasons? To do so, you must take a ‘Test de Connaissance du Français’ (TCF), which is managed by the French Ministry of Education.

The IS Aix-en-Provence institute, as an approved TCF test centre, allows you to take the exam in compliance with health measures and ensures you a quality welcome. In order to take care of your health, we have set up several preventive actions such as wearing a mask and gloves, a physical distance of 1.50m and free supply of hydroalcoholic gel. For the same health reasons, please note that the tests are carried out on computer only.

Whether you live in Aix-en-ProvenceMarseille, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region or in another region of France, you can register with our organization.

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What’s the ‘Test de Connaissance du Français’ (TCF) ?

It is a standardized and calibrated test that evaluates your level of French. The TCF level grid follows the one defined by the Council of Europe (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). A1 being the beginner level and C2 the most advanced level. The IS Aix-en-Provence institute offers 2 ‘Tests de Connaissance du Français’ on Computer (TCF SO): the ‘TCF Intégration, Résidence et Nationalité ’ (TCF IRN) and the ‘TCF Tout Public’ (TCF TP). The scores obtained in the examination then translate into a certificate valid for 2 years.

Consult the self-assessment grid

  1. ‘Test de Connaissance du Français Intégration, Résidence et Nationalité’ (TCF IRN)

If you are applying for French nationality, Résidence or Integration and you need to prove your level of French to complete your file, you must take the TCF IRN. This examination includes four tests: oral comprehension of 15 minutes, written comprehension of 20 minutes, written expression of 30 minutes and oral expression of 10 minutes. To validate your knowledge of French as part of your application for French Residence, you must obtain at least level A2, for French nationality, you must obtain at least level B1.

For more information, please consult the official website of France Education International

2. ‘Test de Connaissance du Français Tout Public’ (TCF TP)

If you need to have your knowledge of French assessed for personal, academic or professional reasons, you must take the TCF TP. This examination includes two compulsory tests lasting 1 hour and 25 minutes (oral and written comprehension) and two optional tests lasting 1 hour and 12 minutes (oral and written expression) in order to complete your language proficiency profile. In this case, the minimum level required depends on the person or organisation requesting the assessment.

For each examination, the total time from start to finish can be much longer depending on the number of participants. The oral comprehension, written comprehension and written expression tests will take place on Computer (TCF SO). Oral expression will take place with one of our teachers.

Please refer to these resources to prepare for the TCF

Practice in exam conditions for the ‘Test de Connaissance du Français’ with ‘RFI’ and ‘France Éducation international’

How do I register?

To register, simply fill in the TCF registration form corresponding to your needs, contact the Registration Manager by email at info@is-aix.com and pay by credit card, bank transfer or French cheque in €. Once we have received your registration form and payment, we will send you a notice by e-mail within fifteen days confirming the day and time of your registration. It is important to read all the practical information on the registration form as well as the health instructions that will be sent to you.

> Download the registration form for the TCF IRN

Download the registration form for the TCF TP

See you soon and good luck !

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