Minimum age

The minimum age for individual applications in the courses is 18 years old.

The institute can host closed groups of young people under 18 on request.


A 85 euro deposit (enrolment fee) and 100 euro per week of courses (non-refundable) are demanded for all course enrolments. It will be deduced from your invoice.

You should receive confirmation within 48 hours of sending your enrolment form. For the FDA and FL course an evaluation test is requested.

Your enrolment will be considered definitive as soon as we have received payment of the deposit from you. The balance must be paid one month before the start of your course, as soon as you receive your invoice.


Payments may be made by bank transfer or by cheque in euros, endorsable in France and made out to IS Aix-en-Provence. Please indicate your surname and first name as a reference for the transfers.

Bank charges are payable by you.

Account name: IS Aix-en-Provence
Bank Name: CREDIT AGRICOLE n° 11306-00010
Bank address: Cours Sextius – 13100 Aix-en-Provence – France
Account number: 1005154 6 050 64
IBAN: FR76 1130 6000 1010 0515 4605 064

Reservation of accommodation

All reservations of accommodation other than for homestays carry a reservation fee of 35 euros (VAT included).

Cancellation & Modification of courses or accommodation during your stay

The following conditions apply for a cancellation:

In case of cancellation:

Up until 14 calendar days before the course starts: enrolment fee (85€)+the deposit (80€/week)

Between 7 and 13 calendar days before the course starts: enrolment fee(85€) + 50% of the course price +100% of the first week of homestay

During the 6 calendar days before the course starts or in case of non appearance on the first day: enrolment fee (85€) + 100% of the course price + 100% of the first week of homestay

For repeated changes of an enrolment once confirmed, a fee of 50€ will be charged.

Any course change or postponement less than 14 days before the course starts will be considered as a cancellation.

Public holidays

The school is closed on public holidays and we usually organize extra activities on those days. The lessons missed are caught up on another weekday in the afternoon. This will not alter the number of lessons per week. The missed lessons will be held during some of the afternoons and the days of the mentioned week The days of this week will be longer and more intensive..

Public holidays in 2024 are the following : Monday 1st of April, Wednesday 1st of May, Wednesday 8th of May, Thursday 9th of May, Monday 20th of May, Thursday 15th of August, Friday 1st of November, Monday 11th of November.


Each student must take out insurance which covers civil liability, illness, accidents, loss of money, valuables or baggage, theft and course cancellation or interruption for personal or health reasons.

Image rights

Unless otherwise informed by the student upon enrolment, IS Aix-en-Provence may take photographs and/or videos of students and use them for any and all purposes in print or online media for communication and marketing purposes (brochures, website, social media, partners etc.)