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High quality French courses for adults since 1972
Around 50.000 students from the five continents
More than 40 nationalities represented every year
A specific pedagogical approach
Certified with the official government accreditation Label FLE obtaining 3 stars

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Hedvig, 21 years old, swedish, Course : FG and FG+
"There is a lovely mixture of students at IS Aix-en-Provence, many different nationalities and the ages varies. The atmosphere is very friendly and the school is really nice. Aix is truly beatiful and relaxed. I have had a great stay so far."

Roe, 72 years old, american, Course : AHI
" A The French school in Aix-en-Provence is an excellent way for students and adults to learn the basics of vocabulary and how to form sentences. The teachers are patient and friendly. I highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to learn French... and also for those who want to expand their knowledge."

April, 42 years old, american, Course : FG
" I really liked the small group sessions. Our teachers were very energetic and well-organized. My French improved tremendously from nothing to something. I now look forward to learning more."

Dorothy, 54 years old, american, Course : FG
" I have returned to the IS Aix-en-Provence institute for a second year in a row, as I find the institute knows how to indetify correctly my level of French, and places me in the appropriate group - not too easy, nottoo hard. I am very grateful for the emphasis that the institute places on practicing speaking French. Aix is a lovely town, where a woman traveling alone feels very safe."

Roger, 46 years old, german, Course : FGCP
" This school offers a perfect balance between personal feeling and professional success, it’s a great place."

Anne-Roos, 20 years old, dutch, Cours FG
"During my time in Aix I not only learned French, I got to know a city that I called home for a month, made friends from all over the world but I also made a lot of local friends. The city is so beautiful and there’s so much to do. Luckily we only had school in the morning so I could explore the city every afternoon."


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