The classroom is a laboratory of experimentation at IS Aix-en-Provence.

Pedagogical approach to learning French at IS Aix-en-Provence

IS Aix-en-Provence has as its vocation to combine high quality teaching and a friendly atmosphere.

Firstly, we can count on a body of teachers of the highest standard with French language as their mother tongue, who perfectly knows and is interested in the characteristics of French culture and society. With a strong university training, our teachers have a significant experience in teaching and in analyzing the linguistic and cultural needs of a foreign learner. By working in pairs, they can exchange concerning classroom practices in the interest of a dynamic and efficient progression for the student.

The best learning experience happens in a favourable and facilitating environment. Our classrooms are all equipped with a computer, a video projector and Wi-Fi. Most of our classrooms have direct sunlight and a view of the garden, which offers a pleasant atmosphere. A classroom is available with computers, French novels and methods, DVDs and there is a teacher available once a week to help students who want to strengthen their knowledge (tutoring). These services are free of charge to all our students.

French course at IS Aix-en-Provence

We believe a pedagogical approach cannot be set and must be to the service of the students.

This dynamic is guaranteed by the vigilance of our quality labels (Eaquals, IALC, Label Qualité FLE) and by the application of the CEFR. This body of work, which is the basis of all our programs, guarantees coherence, a follow up of the levels and a balance between the 6 skills (oral and written comprehension, oral and written production, mediation and interaction). Grammar, as well as vocabulary and phonetics, is seen as a tool that allows the student to accomplish communicative tasks.

After having evaluated the learner’s level and analysed his/her needs, we accompany him/her towards his language autonomy.  Through guiding and encouragements, the learner becomes a social actor, being able to evolve within any French environment. Our small international groups (10 students maximum) guarantee sufficient time to speak for each one and facilitate interactions in a friendly atmosphere. The classroom is a laboratory of experimentation where one can define, conceive and test linguistic tools before guarantying their success outside the classroom.

Communicating in French at IS Aix-en-Provence

We choose to give priority to the oral aspects of the language.

This priority is made to reply to immediate and urgent needs of communication but without neglecting the written aspects that are necessary to the learning process.

We use varied and updated pedagogical supports and we adapt them to the learners’ levels, needs and profiles.  The sources may be diverse: method of French language learning, authentic documents (press, audiovisuals, and literature), interactive exercises (simulations, role playing, etc.) and any type of document created by the teachers.  The most important tool will always be the student himself and participation in class.

We feel that all these aspects plus a forty-year experience in teaching French as a foreign language allow IS Aix-en-Provence to offer you high quality teaching.

Responsable Pédagogique à IS Aix-en-Provence, Isabelle Delahay-Le Breton

Isabelle Delahaye – Le Breton, our Head of Studies at IS Aix-en-Provence, is in charge of pedagogy of our French courses.

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