Maribel, our spanish translator

Our website offered in Spanish thanks to our translator Maribel Diaz

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Maribel, our spanish translator

The daughter of Spanish parents living in France, Maribel holds both French and Spanish nationalities. Her first language is Spanish, but she was educated in the French language. Maria Isabel quickly developed a passion for languages and also learned English and Italian. During her professional career, Maribel was in charge of an administrative department in the Miko food industry and then became executive secretary for the French international perfume chain Marionnaud.

When she retired in 2010, Maribel wanted to stay in touch with language learning, keep a close contact with culture and get involved in NGOs. Many different pursuits from which she draws her vast experience. Indeed, Maria Isabel dedicates her time and energy to various associations and NGOs such as “BetoBe”, “l’Association Théâtre Sans Frontière”, “RECIT (Réseau des Ecoles de Citoyens)” “Pour une meilleure Afrique”, “PLANET’NGO” and “Apprentis d’Auteuil”. In 2012, she also translated an introduction for the United Nations.

Starting in 2020, Maribel has also dedicated herself to the translation of the IS Aix-en-Provence website into Spanish. After French and English, the language of Cervantes – and the official language of 21 countries – is now featured on our website! We make it a priority to provide our students with a clear answers, taking into consideration their specific backgrounds. This way, we offer a large number of students better access to our services.

We would like to thank Maribel for her excellent translation work!

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