We offer a wide range of French language courses, whether you need to learn French for private or for professional reasons.

There is a variety in intensity and length of the courses, and they all have in common the aim at autonomy and communication. Classes are in small groups (10 people maximum) during the whole year with a focus on oral communication.

For all our French courses in Aix-en-Provence the minimum age is 18 years, except for the closed groups where we can accept younger students.

Tailor-made programmes for individuals and closed groups
  • Tailor-made programmes for universities, colleges, schools or professional groups.
  • Every year we welcome closed groups of companies, universities and schools for whom we have designed a tailor-made programme according to the goals and needs of the group.
  • Duration, number of lessons, pedagogical programme and activities, size of the group, level and dates are to be defined together for an individual quote.

Online Courses

Private Online Lessons (E-CP)

French General Course

General French (FG)
General French Plus (FG+)
General French and Private Lessons  (FGCP)
Private Lessons (CP)

French for Exam and professional purposes

Executive French (FDA)
French for Teachers of French (FPF)
Exam Preparation (PEXAM)
DALF Exam Preparation (PEDALF)

Long French Course

Long French (FL)

French Courses and Activities

Optional Course: Discover Provence (DP)
Optional Course: Discover Provence on foot (DPP)
Optional Activity: Painting Workshop (AP)