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High quality French courses for adults since 1972
Around 50.000 students from the five continents
More than 40 nationalities represented every year
A specific pedagogical approach
Certified with the official government accreditation Label FLE obtaining 3 stars
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 Step 1/3 : Your particulars

 Personal information
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 Step 2/3: Your request

 Your level
Select your level *
To evaluate your level, go to the European Council reference grid.
We invite you to our evaluation tool.
What is your mother tongue?
Useful information
  • What other language(s) do you speak?
  • How long have you studied French?
  • Are you studying french at the moment?
  • Have you attended a course at IS Aix-en-Provence before?*  Yes - if so when    No 
    How did you find out about IS Aix-en-Provence? *

     Course choice *

    I would like to enrol in the following course(s)
    General French (FG)  and 
    General French + (FG+) (cf. 1)  and 
    General French & Private lessons (FGCP)  and 
    General French for beginners (FG)  and 
    General French & Private lessons for beginners (FGCP)  and 
    Préparation au DELF (PDELF) (cf. 1 & 2)
    Préparation au DALF (PDALF) - 4 private lessons/week + tutoring To be combined with a FG or FL course.
     from (DD/MM/YY)   to (DD/MM/YY) 
    Executive French (FP) (cf. 1 & 2)
    General French & French for French Teachers (FG&FPF) a. Optimiser sa pratique de classe 
      b. Exploiter en classe une visite 
    Private lessons (CP) - One lesson is 45 minutes. Lessons are always booked by 2 minimum.
    Total   and per week:  from (DD/MM/YY)   to (DD/MM/YY) 
    Long French (FL) / 8 weeks minimum (cf. 1 & 2)  and 
    Combination of courses and possible dates on request: contact us
    OPTIONS to be combined with the General French Course (FG) (cf. 1) :
    Option Aix-en-Provence, City of Art (AVA)
    Option Discover Provence (DP)
    Option Discovering Provence Cooking (DCP)
    Option Discover Provence on Foot (DPP)
    Option Parcours Photographie (PP)
    1) No beginners (A0) in these courses
    2) Confirmation subject to level after doing the evaluation test

     Accommodation choice *

    from Date (DD/MM/YY)   to Date (DD/MM/YY) 

    By default accommodation starts on Sunday preceding course start and ends on Saturday after end of course.
    Do you have any allergies?  Yes - if so, specify     No
    Do you smoke?  Yes   No
    Do you have an illness or handicap that we should know about?  Yes -  if so, specify    No
    Other useful information
  • To fulfill your wishes, please indicate your maximum accomodation budget for the chosen period?
  • Will you have a car or motorbike during your stay?
  • If yes, would you agree to live in the areas surrounding Aix?
  • Would you agree to be in a family with moderate smokers?

  •  Transfert

    If you wish to book a transfer, you may write to info@is-aix.com at the earliest one month prior to arrival, indicating: the place of arrival (Aix TGV train station, airport Marseille-Provence or other), the flight number or train number and its departure city; the day and the exact time of arrival as well as your telephone number in case of a problem.

     Supplementary information
    Person to contact in case of accident or illness  (name, email, tel, fax)
    Are you insured for your stay in France?*  Yes   No
    Name and number of your insurance policy
    (1) We recommend our students to take out insurance which covers civil liability, illness, accidents, loss of valuables or baggage,
    theft and cancellation or interruption of the course for personal or health reasons.

     Step 3/3: Payment

    To reserve a place, please send a deposit:
    enrolment fee 75 euro + 80 euro per week of course
    Mode of payment
    by Credit Card (secure online payment)
    by bank transfer  (bank fees are payable by you)
      Bank details:
      Crédit Agricole nº11306-00010,
      Cours Sextius, 13100 Aix-en-Provence
      nº de compte 100 5154 6 050 64
      IBAN : FR76 1130 6000 1010 0515 4605 064
      BIC : AGRIFRPP 813

    In signing this enrolment form, you accept that IS Aix-en-Provence keeps your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
    We would give this data to third parties only if needed.
    General conditions
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    All information that is given to us by you is treated strictly confidential and is not communicated in any way without your written consent.

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