Choose your accomodation

According to your priorities we can help you choose the type of accommodation that best suits your needs. Each one can be different but we recommend homestay accommodation as it is an excellent complement to your French course in France.

Homestay accommodation offers total immersion in the French language and culture, but if you prefer to be independent you can choose another type of accommodation, such as a hotel room or a studio. You can of course also book your accommodation yourself.

IS Aix-en-Provence offers you a choice of 4 types of accommodation according to your expectations and needs during your stay:

famille d'accueil


Homestay accommodation promotes linguistic and cultural immersion. You will have the opportunity to practice your French during meals and other activities that you will share with your family.


This type of accommodation allows you to be independent and to benefit from multiple conveniences (kitchenette, bathroom, wifi, linen kit, …). All are located in the city centre.


This accommodation formula is perfectly adapted if you wish to be independent and benefit from quality hotel services.

Private apartments

This type of accommodation is ideal if you wish to be totally independent and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable living space. All are located in the heart of the city centre.